The American Legion - Department Of Texas


2nd Division Convention, April 26- 27, 2014


Held At Edward H White II American Legion Post 521

2221 Preston Ave.

Pasadena, TX 77503


Open Convention 9 AM.

Call To Order By Commander Rudy Holloway Of Post 521.

Introduction of the 2nd Division Commander, Bryan D. Coleman.

Commander Coleman Called for The National Commander’s Color Guard from Post 472 to Post the National and Division Colors.


Invocation by the 2nd Division Chaplain, Jack Leavall.

Pledge of Allegiance in unison.

The Designation of the POW/MIA Empty Chair by Sgt. At Arms Billy Winters.

Recite The Preamble In Unison.

Dedication Of Convention To Ben Saeze of Post 472, Member of The National Commanders Color Guard, and Commander at Post 472. Speakers were Elias Sanchez Jr, PhD, Sarah Mendez, and Juan Perez Jr.


Commander Coleman Introduces Legion Guests and Dignitaries. 

·         Alt.NEC Butch Sparks, Department Commander Jim Fleming, Department Vice Commander John McKinney, Department Adjutant Bill West, Past Department Commander Don Simons, Past Department Vice Commander Lynn Sparks, Past Division Commanders John JD Davis, John Palasota, Ashton Thomas, Lynn Sparks. All Past and Present District Commanders please stand, Past Department Sgt. at Arms, Billy Winters, Jerry Tatman, Sandy Kousman.


Commander Coleman handed the podium over to The American Legion Auxiliary President Corina Stowell, for the purposes of introductions of The American Legion Auxiliary Guests and Dignitaries.

Commander Coleman handed the podium over to Ken Peters Jr, to introduce The Sons of The American Legion, Guests and Dignitaries.

Announcements by Commander Coleman

The American Legion Extension Institute Class Will Be Held In The Main Lobby.

The Workshops by Department Adjutant Bill West will be held in the bar area.

Classes will be held from 10 AM to 12 noon then 1 PM to 3 PM.

Sergeant at Arms Winters, Recess the Colors of our Nation for Training at 9:50 AM.

Resume joint session at 3:15 PM.

Introduction of the guest speaker, Valerie Martinez, by Commander Coleman.

·         Valerie Martinez is a manager of the Veteran Service Center. Commander Coleman presented her with an award.

Announcements: the banquet will be held here starts at 6 PM to 8 PM, we will have a booze wheel and auction. Dance with Martha White.


Recess the colors, adjourned joint session at 4:05 PM.




The banquet was held at Edward H. White II, Post 521, Pasadena, Texas at 77503, April 26, 2014.

We had introductions of guests by Commander Coleman. Greetings from the head table which include the Department President Christine Wheeler Trahan, Department Commander Jim Fleming, SAL Division Squadron Vice Commander, Ken Peters Jr.

The wheel generated $971.00 and the Auction generated $601.00. Thank you to our Auctioneers Ken Peters Sr. & Jr. and for keeping track of all the Items, Ms. Marty Peters.


Sunday April 27, 2014


The Joint Memorial Service was conducted at 8:30 AM with the 2nd Division Chaplain, Jack Leavall, The American Legion Auxiliary Chaplain, and SAL Chaplain Ken Peters Jr. Commander Coleman gave the eulogy.

Recess for 15 minutes.


Business Meeting April 27, 2014


Opening ceremony started at 9:05 AM.

Posting of the National Colors by Sergeant at Arms, Billy Winters and Assistant Sergeant at Arms Jerry Tatman.

Invocation by Chaplain, Jack Leavall.

Pledge led by Commander Coleman in unison.

POW/MIA empty chair posted by Sergeant at Arms Billy Winters.

Preamble in unison led by Commander Coleman.

Introductions of guests and dignitaries

·         Alternate NEC Butch Sparks. Department Commander Jim Fleming, Vice Commander John McKinney, Department Judge Advocate Steve Watkins, Department Training Officer Fred Rogers, First Division Commander Jeff Perkins, Department Vice Chairman of VA &R Gene Toohey, Past Department Sergeant at Arms JD Davis, Jerry Tatman, Past Department Vice Commanders Michael Griffith, Lynn Sparks.

Department Commander Fleming brings greetings.

Department Vice Commander McKinney brings greetings.

·         Convention call read by 2nd Division Adjutant, Sheila Schulte, Encl. 1.

·         Roll Call by Post by Districts, by Adjutant Schulte, Encl. 2.

·         Reading of the minutes from May 17 - 19th 2013, motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes by Butch Sparks 490, 2nd by 2nd District Commander Lehman laws, no discussion, passed.

·         First reading of credentials by committeeman Sparks, at 9:30 AM, of the posts that turned in Certification of Delegates by Districts, 31 Posts on the floor with the voting strength of 387. Committeeman Sparks states that unless you turn in your Certification of Delegates Form you will not be able to vote. The final report of voting strength and certification will be given later today encl. 3.

Sergeant at Arms recess the colors

Recess for five minutes to receive Certification of Delegates Forms.

Sergeant at Arms post the colors!


Awards and Certificates

·         Awards and Certificates were handed out to the Post with the membership of 100% or greater. 21 certificates handed out.

·         Award went to Edward H White II, Post 521, for their generous use of their Post and the hospitality rendered to 2nd Division.

·         The 2nd Division Legionnaire of the year award goes to, Sheila Schulte.

Membership turn in

·         A total of 12 memberships were turned in.

Committee reports:

·         Americanism-Lynn Sparks Encl. 4 motion to accept Gerry Hince, Post 159, 2nd Butch Sparks, passed

·         Baseball-Terry Messinger/Robert Chavez Encl. 5 motion to accept Sandy Kouzman, Post 55, 2nd by JD Davis, Post 133, passed

·         Boy Scouts - no report Everett Ison absent

·         Community Service - Al Marlowe, Encl. 6, motion to accept, Gerry Hince, 2nd Leaman Laws,  Passed

·         Constitution and By-laws, John Palasota, Commander Coleman states before I defer to you sir, hands the gavel to Adjutant Schulte, Commander Coleman moves that the Constitution and bylaws be amended to reflect that we can leave $5000 in the 2nd Division general fund so that the new commander will not start with the zero balance, 2nd by Ken Peters Sr, Commander Coleman says he will draw up the amendment and send it to the Department Judge Advocate Steve Watkins. Discussion on the floor, Adjutant Sheila Schulte calls for the question, motion passes. Adjutant Schulte passes the Gavel back to Commander Coleman.

·         Children and Youth – Glenda Simon No written report.

·         Jr. Shooting - Robert Chavez no written report.

·         Legislative committee Ken Peters Senior, Encl. 8, motion to accept Milton Chatham 817, 2nd Gerry Hince 159, passed

·         Membership & Credentials final report encl. 9&10. Membership is in last place in the Department. Only 54 Posts in the 2nd Division have used my, Motion to accept, Sandy Kousman, Post 55, 2nd Tom Larsen Post 490.

·         National Security & Law and Order-John JD Davis Encl. 11. Motion to accept, Sandy Kousman 55, 2nd, Gerry Hince 159. Passed

·         Oratorical & PR– Tom Larsen verbal reports no written reports

·         Webmaster - Jerry Blalock no written report submitted.

·         SAL report - Dan King Encl. 12 Motion to accept, Butch Sparks 490, Gerry Hince 159, passed.

·         VA & R Milton Chatham Encl. 13. Motion to accept, John Hince 159, Sandy Kousman 55, passed

·         ALR Liaison-Gary Towers, Encl. 14. Motion to accept, Butch Sparks 490, Gerry Hince 159, passed.

·         Finance report given by Sheila Schulte, from 2nd Division Convention May 17 18th 2013, motion to accept, Tom Larson 490, Butch Sparks 490, Passed Encl. 15. Finance report for this convention as of 27 April 2014, Encl. 16.


District Commanders report:

·         2nd District Leaman Laws, no written report submitted

·         6th District John Hince, no written report submitted

·         7th District Ed Jarvis, Encl. 17

·         8th District Joey Garamillo no written report submitted

·         11th District Sandy Kousman, Encl. 18

·         22nd District John Osborne, no written report submitted

·         2nd Division Commander Coleman, no written report submitted

Milton R. Chatham requests permission to address membership. Request granted,

Milton R Chatham announces the officers from their election, for the 2nd Division SAL Squadron

1)    Commander Ken Peters Jr

2)    Vice Commander Juan Torres Jr

3)    Adjutant Milton R Chatham

4)    Chaplain Clarence Britton

5)    Sergeant at Arms Gregory Smith

6)    Advisor Larry Binford

7)    Judge Advocate Steve Vandell

·         Commander Coleman entertains nominations to chair the Austin McElfish Oratorical Scholarship Fund, Gerry Hince 159, nominates Dan King to Chair Austin McElfish Oratorical Scholarship Fund, 2nd by Sam Waltam 490, hearing no other nominations, Adjutant Schulte casts 1 vote by acclamation for Dan King to chair the Austin McElfish Oratorical Scholarship Fund. Congratulations Dan.

·         Commander Coleman entertains nominations to chair the Red Berridge fund. Gerry Hince nominates Joseph Thomas to chair the Red Berridge Memorial Scout fund.

·         , 2nd Milton Chatham 817. Hearing no other nominations, Sheila Schulte to cast one vote by acclamation for Joe Joseph Thomas to chair the Red Berridge Memorial Scout fund. Congratulations Joseph.

Department resolutions will be read by Adjutant Schulte.

1)    Resolution number one, Paid up for Life membership, action set aside, by Butch Sparks.

2)    Resolution number two, for Butch Sparks set aside by Gerry Hince.

3)    Resolution number three, for Michael Griffin, no action.

4)    Resolution number four, for Lynn Sparks, set aside by Butch Sparks.

5)    Resolution number five, for Fred Rogers, set aside by Butch Sparks.


·         Action taken on resolution number one, motion to accept by Butch Sparks,490, 2nd Sandy Kouzman, Passed.


·         Action taken on resolution number two, motion to accept by Gerry Hince 159, 2nd by Sandy Kouzman, passed.


·         Action taken on resolution number four, motion to accept by Butch Sparks 490, 2nd by Jo Padget 490, passed.

·         Action taken on resolution number five motion to accept by Butch Sparks 490,2nd by Dan King 521. Passed.


The following candidates take the floor for the purpose of campaign speech Steve Watkins for Department Judge Advocate, Mike Griffith for Department Commander, Lynn Sparks for Department Commander, Fred Rogers for Department Vice Commander.  All candidates were given five minutes to speak.


·         Nominations for the 2014-2015, 2nd Division Commander is now open. Don Simmons 159, asked to be recognized for the purpose of making a nomination speech. I nominate John Hince of Post 159 for the high office of the 2nd Division Commander for the year 2014-2015 year, 2nd by Ken Peters Sr. Butch Sparks moves that nomination cease and the Adjutant cast one vote by acclamation for John Hince of Post 159 for 2nd Division Commander 2014-2015 year, 2nd by Gerry Hince 159, passed. Adjutant Schulte casts one vote by acclamation for John Hince for 2nd Division Commander. Congratulations John.


We then elected delegates and alternates for the National Convention:

·         Nominations are John JD Davis, Sheila Schulte, Ken Peters Sr, and Rudy Holloway.

Department Adjutant West states that we can have all 4. John JD Davis is the Delegate and the alternates are Sheila Schulte, Ken Peters Sr, and Rudy Holloway. Butch Sparks 490, motions for the 2nd Division pay the $25 registration fee for JD Davis, Sheila Schulte, Ken Peters Sr, and Rudy Holliday for the 2014 National Convention, 2nd John Hince 159. Passed.


Good of the Legion-

·         Fred Rogers states the dates for the upcoming training in Killeen; July 19-20 will be on the Department website.


Department Commander Fleming addresses the membership thanking them for a wonderful weekend and convention.


Benediction by Jack Leavell

Sergeant at Arms Billy Winchester retires the POW/MIA empty chair.

Sergeant at Arms Billy Winters & Assistant Sergeant at Arms Jerry Tatman retire the National & Division Colors.


Adjourned 12:30 PM









_________________________                                                    _________________________

Sheila Schulte, Adjutant                                                                Bryan D. Coleman, Commander